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VFX Classes – PoliTo

VFX Classes – PoliTo

Budweiser beer fan-made commercial
How to trap a friend in a television
Matte Painting
Kill the fake VFX expert with a katana
Piano Plays By Itself VFX

In this HOW TO video you can see a pretty cool visual effect with the piano which plays by itself (or rather pretends of doing it). Of course you can also get some useful information and advices how to do it in very easy way and without necessity to have any exceptionally expensive devices.

VFX Oscar Winners: Forrest Gump

Nowadays almost all of us are absolutely used to the presence of variously special effects in films, web videos, TV commercials and so on. BUT… Over 20 years ago the technology was incomparable to the current, however some of producers were already able to create very realistic visual illusions. One of the best example is the Oscar winner of 1994 – Forrest Gump, directed by Robert Zemeckis, and exactly this film we have chosen as a reference point of our documentary video.


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14 ottobre 2016


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